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Christmas Fair - 2023

So, we were allowed to be a vendor at the Langley Dam Christmas Fair, thank you very much. It was an eye opening experience. It was so windy that we couldn't use our tarps to block out the wind without moving the whole canopy (note to self, buy canopy weights or sand bags). I spent a good amount of time chasing down the papers I had copied. I shuffled the decks and showed myself interpreting them while people with children walked by, eager to beat the 1:00 start time. At first, there were no customers, but a lot of people showed up very early for the 1 pm start with their kids and had no intention of taking them to a Tarot Reading booth. It wasn't until about 2 pm that customers started coming to my booth, and I was really happy. I had a total of 6 customers, and I thanked them, but I realized many things. Each customer got more time than I had expected, due to the lack of customers waiting. AND

  • buy canopy sandbags or weights

  • eat first, AND bring food for later

  • drink lots of water and have a stand-by person to watch your table and manage potential clients while you are in the bathroom.

  • It's going to be exhausting, so prepare for that.

  • It's going to take our 2 cars to go to any event

  • I definitely need a day after to recover

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