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Is this the sign I've been waiting for?

Updated: May 29, 2023

So, my last post was rambling on about needing a sign to know there is something out there besides nothing. I was at my friend Alicia's daughter's house for a pig roast while on vacation this week. I was introducing them to my tarot reading business and just describing stuff in general. Some party participants even shared some interesting interactions they have had. Then I left with my sister to find the restroom. When I came back to my chair, I found a feather on the ground right in front of me. We all confirmed it wasn't there when we left. When I showed them all the blog I had previously issued looking for a sign and mentioning a feather, we were all in awe. I think this is a sign I've been looking for.

The sign appeared:  A feather
The sign I was looking for

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