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Code of Ethics


  • I pledge to be fully devoted to your reading, once the reading has begun. I will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other mind-altering substances and I will be well-rested to provide the clearest reading.

  • I will not discuss the content of your reading with other individuals without your express permission.

  • I will be honest with what intuitive thoughts come to my mind. I will not hide things from you, and I do not do readings involving your death and other such health issues.

  • I will be respectful of your situation and show compassion.  I will not judge you for anything you have done, with the exception of any crimes you may reveal to me through our discussions.  In this case, the authorities would need to be notified.

  • Third-party readings:  I am ok with third party readings so long as the attention goes to how you can make changes to better relationships and not how you can make another person change.​

  • I am not comfortable doing readings for minors directly and without parent(s) present.  I believe parents should provide the guidance for their child.  I am ok if a parent comes to me for reading about their minor child.

Tarotki Readings, LLC, takes a unique approach to tarot readings. Rather than relying on psychic, medium or telepathic abilities, my style is more akin to a counselor. I provide you with insights and interpretations that can help you make decisions based on the many possibilities life brings.

I believe in the power of free will, and Tarotki Readings is here to help guide and inform you in your journey. With in-depth tarot readings, I offer our clients the clarity and understanding they need to make the best possible choices.

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