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Guidance to Future and Past

Tarotki Readings, LLC is offering tarot readings through in-person, email, or Skype. Persons requesting a reading must agree with our strict code of ethics. Our readings empower and encourage individuals on their personal journey to success.


Each Tarot Reading request is provided detailed interpretations of the cards drawn.  Email readings will have pictures of each card, a comprehensive explanation of the card’s meanings, and how they apply to your life, helping guide you to make the best decisions and find inner peace.

One-Card Reading  $12.50

A One-Card Reading is a great way to get a succinct answer to any question you may have. With this service, I will draw a single card to answer your one question. This is a great option for getting a quick answer or insight into your life. Only available through e-mail.

Three-Card Zoom Reading $75

The Three-Card Zoom Reading gives you the opportunity to have a personal tarot reading experience from the comfort of your own home. I  will use the three card spread to answer your questions and provide you with insight and advice. Get in touch today to book your Three Card Zoom Reading.

I accept a variety of payment methods for tarot readings, including Paypal for Business, Cash App, and Venmo. Payment must be made in full before the start of the reading.  For more information regarding the payment policy, please contact me directly.

Three-Card Reading  $30 via e-mail; $40 in person (local only)

A Three-Card Reading is a great way to gain insight into a single question. In this tarot reading, three cards are drawn and the cards are interpreted together to provide an answer to the one question asked. With this reading, more information can be gained than from a single card - giving a greater understanding to the situation.

I offer in-person tarot readings for those who prefer to receive their readings in person to those local to Aiken, SC. I bring the tarot cards to your home or event and provide readings that will help you gain insight into your future. I can be booked for parties, charity events, or any other special occasion. My readings are sure to be an interesting and enlightening experience for all.

My Emergency Tarot Reading service is perfect for those needing guidance in a time of crisis or to make a quick decision. For an additional fee of $20, we can provide a full reading within 24 hours or less. Get in touch to find out more about this service.

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Client reviews

Julia - 2022

“You completely gave me the  information and insight needed to take action and move forward...  Completed the puzzle. "

Amanda - 2022

"Julie went far beyond what she needed to do to give me a solid answer to a very non-specific question.  She answered my question beautifully and  has given me hope that through self-respect and love I can manifest good things and do good in the world."

Petra - 2021

"This was very validating and inspiring." "I loved the overall positive message and feel actually physically supported after reading this."
"You completely answered my question.  And I'd like you to know that...This was such an insightful, accurate and amazing reading. It spoke of the good and the negative and it pinpointed exactly what my issues have been karmically and things I need to work on.  I will soon find out when we are reunited but I can feel what you are saying is 100% on its way."  "Excellent advice for me to dig deep into karmic behaviors I keep repeating and to work on not repeating them again."  "Accurate, straight and to the point. Easy to comprehend and most important of all I could feel the accurate vigrations of this reading."  HayaZoo
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