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Aiken, SC Holistic Wellness Fair

Join me as I experience my first ever live fair. It's going to be held September 23 from 9-3 at the Aiken Senior Life Services Building. Hmmm, I turn 65 this year and the event has moved to the SENIOR LIFE services building. Is there any synchronicity in the universe working here? I have my husband all lined up to be by partner-in-crime. Just trying to figure out what to say in my Bio I have to submit and how my table should be set up. I am a newbie, so I cannot yet afford all the fancy signs and such, but my skills are top notch. So, if you're in the area, come and see me. I'd love to meet you. I won't be in the most expensive looking booth, but it's the quality that counts. I am just a caterpillar about to become a butterfly. Watch out world, here I come. My mission is to raise the consciousness of the people I come into contact with and to be a light onto the world. We cannot go on as we have been doing or as a race we will burn out. I am a lightworker, and I know it now. May my light shine onto you forever.

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